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Last Updated: Monday, 7 November 2005, 09:31 GMT
City binge drinkers risk health
Woman drunk on street bench
The number of binge drinkers in York is rising
Thousands of people in the York area are putting their health at risk because they are drinking too much.

In a report by the Selby and York Primary Care Trust experts claim 50,000 people drink to excess with 20,000 of those regularly binge drinking.

The Alcohol Impact Study's author Janet Flanagan claims some drinkers regularly consume over twice the daily number of units in one drinking session.

Council officials will use the report to tackle alcohol problems in the city.

Culture change

Ms Flanagan said: "It [excessive drinking] does seem to be particularly relevant to people in this country, it's about socialising.

"In the Mediterranean it is frowned upon to get drunk and out of control, in this country we laugh at people who are drunk it's difficult to change that culture."

The author draws a link between alcohol and violent crime and a drinking culture among some people that normalises the use of alcohol every night.

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