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Last Updated: Monday, 31 January, 2005, 18:33 GMT
Any old iron raises cash for park
Harrogate scrap
The scrap raised 500 for a new hedge trimmer
Rubbish dumped in Harrogate's parks and gardens is raising money for their upkeep and maintenance.

Park staff have been taking old bikes and shopping trolleys left by flytippers to scrap metal dealers.

Any money they raise is then spent on gardening equipment. The first pile raised more than 500 which was spent on a chainsaw and hedge trimmer.

A spokesman said they were happy to make money from rubbish but did not condone flytipping.

Parks officer Alan Taylor said items such as swings and oil drums had been dumped in the open spaces.

A member of staff then suggested that rather than dispose of them at a tip they could be sent to scrap metal dealers for recycling as a way of raising cash.

"Flytipping is an illegal offence.

"However, while the council works to reduce it we can still cash in and we are already building up our next pile of rubbish," he said.

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