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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 September 2005, 17:58 GMT 18:58 UK
Inquiry allows wind farm in Dales
wind farm
The turbines are planned for Knabs Ridge near Kettlesing in the Dales
Countryside campaigners have reacted with anger over a decision by the government to allow a wind farm to be built in the Yorkshire Dales.

Harrogate Borough Council had vetoed the plan for eight 300ft high turbines at Kettlesing in Nidderdale.

But a government planning inquiry has overruled the council and decided that NPower Renewables can go ahead.

Coun Richard Cooper said the decision flew in the face of common sense. NPower said wind farms were graceful.

Air traffic

Harrogate Borough Council said the turbines would be built just 50ft away from the boundary marking the district's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

At the planning inquiry in August the Civil Aviation Authority and Leeds Bradford Airport raised concerns about possible interference the structures may pose to air traffic.

Harrogate Borough Council's cabinet member responsible for planning, Richard Cooper, said: "This decision flies in the face of common sense.

"For a government inspector to come to our district and ignore all the good planning reasons why these towering metal structures should not be allowed is a smack in the face to local people and the local council.

Graceful features

"Even safety fears voiced by the country's top aviation authority for the effect on air traffic radar were shunted aside.

"A large number of conditions have been attached to the government inspector's planning permission, but even these cannot really mitigate against such massive turbines set against such a picturesque and beautiful background."

John Ainslee of NPower Renewables, the firm behind the Nidderdale wind farm, said not everyone thought the wind turbines would be a blot on the landscape.

"Many people regard them as very graceful features within the landscape.

"I accept that not everybody thinks that.

"But many people do actually find them graceful features, and certainly to liken them to industrial blots on the landscape...like tall electricity pylons is not most people's perception of what a wind farm will look like.

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