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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 August 2005, 13:27 GMT 14:27 UK
Group hails 'miles better' signs
Irish road sign
Campaigners fear seeing metric signs on Britain's road
Anti-metric campaigners are celebrating after a council was forced to modify 30 of its public rights of way signs.

City of York Council erected the path markers with distances in kilometres (km) instead of miles, which is not authorised under highways regulations.

On Thursday, the authority said it had ordered plastic discs to fix over the offending metric distances.

The Active Resistance to Metrication, which takes direct action to change metric signs, welcomed the decision.

The imperial weights and measures of this country are part of our traditions and part of our culture
Peter Rogers, anti-metric campaigner

The authority is not replacing the signs but said the discs displaying the imperial distances would be put up over the next few weeks.

A spokeswoman said: "This was a genuine error and as soon as it was brought to our attention, we took measures to amend it.

"Giving information on a footpath sign such as the distance and destination is discretionary and we thought the public would appreciate this extra detail.

"The Ordnance Survey maps that we use to measure the footpaths are metric and the walk packs that we sell describe walks in kilometres so it made sense to the officer who ordered the signs to give corresponding information."

Active resistance

Campaigners say any sign which incorporates metric distances is not a traffic sign within the meaning of section 64 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Protest group Active Resistance to Metrication (Arm) therefore believes people who alter road signs displaying metric distances can defend their actions under section 131 of the Highways Act 1980.

Peter Rogers, a supporter of the group, said: "Each time we are successful, it is a small but significant step towards eradicating them from our country.

"The imperial weights and measures of this country are part of our traditions and part of our culture.

"The attempts to impose metric signs is one by stealth and deception and has been going on for many years."

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