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Man describes gorse bush ordeal
Dean Bowen
Mr Bowen went to the caravan park to play on the fruit machines
A man who was rescued by the RAF after being trapped in gorse bushes for two days has spoken of his ordeal.

Dean Bowen was airlifted from his prickly prison on cliffs near Filey, North Yorkshire, on Tuesday after falling into the 8ft bushes on Sunday.

The 32-year-old, from nearby Hunmanby, said he had played on fruit machines at a caravan park on Sunday but cannot recall how he ended up in the bushes.

"At first it was funny, but before I knew it I was stuck," he told BBC News.

"It was a nightmare. I would not advise anyone to go in there.

"Whichever way I turned it seemed to be the wrong one that day. It hurt, but didn't hurt that much."

Unable to move

Although it is unclear how Mr Bowen spent the next two nights, he did say he was unable to move from the spot.

When he was finally rescued by a helicopter crew from RAF Leconfield on Tuesday morning he was numb from the waist down.

He described how he tried to raise the alarm when he saw a woman come out of a caravan in the early morning.

"I was shouting for ages but she went away. Then she came out again and said 'Is there someone out here asking for help?'

"I said 'Yes, can you ring the RAF?', because I knew the coastguard wouldn't be able to get through the bushes."

A helicopter was scrambled and Mr Bowen was airlifted to hospital where he was treated for mild hypothermia and allowed home.

Dean Bowen talks about his ordeal

Man airlifted out of gorse bushes
09 Aug 05 |  North Yorkshire

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