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Family home hit by wall of water

Floods in Sutton-Under-Whitestonecliffe
The Lamonds hope life will soon get back to normal

Residents in one of the worst affected areas hit by a deluge of flood water in North Yorkshire have described the moment a wall of water hit their home.

Graham and Rachel Lamond fled as a "wave of water" swept through their home in Sutton Under Whitestonecliffe on Sunday.

The water, which reached the height of the ground floor windows, swept cars and furniture down the river.

Mrs Lamond said: "We just had to watch as our family home floated away."

She added: "All we could do was get out. We couldn't even get in the house to get anything.

"You hear stories of people being about to move stuff upstairs but it wasn't like that for us. So we watched as everything went."

The swollen river in Sutton-Under-Whitestonecliffe
The wall of water swept furniture into the river

The couple, who have lived in the village for three years, had just returned from a day out when the heavy rain started.

Mr Lamond said: "It all happened so quickly. When we got home the heavens opened with a terrific thunderstorm and downpour.

"Twenty minutes later a wall of water came from the front of the house and it rose so rapidly that we just had to get out.

"But the damage it has done is just unbelievable."

The couple are now hoping the clean process can begin.

"We need to get our lives back to normal as quick as possible because life has to go on," Mrs Lamond said.

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