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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 September, 2004, 07:59 GMT 08:59 UK
DIY speed camera deters motorists
Ray Allott
Mr Allott made the camera in his garage
A North Yorkshire man claims he has put the brakes on speeding motorists by erecting a home-made speed camera outside his house.

Ray Allott built the fully-working device in his garage and placed it on Forest Moor Road between Harrogate and Knaresborough to act as a deterrent.

In just one day, he said the camera clocked 137 speeders in the 40mph zone.

But North Yorkshire Police say Mr Allott could be committing an offence if the camera causes an obstruction.

Average speed

Mr Allott's original idea was to build a dummy camera but thanks to some expert engineering help, he designed the real thing.

"It has certainly reduced the traffic speed significantly, probably the average speed was about 60 and now we are down to 40mph," he said.

Mr Allott hopes the camera will also highlight to police the problems of speeding on the road.

But the police, in a statement, said it was unlikely that evidence from the camera could be used.

"Speed cameras are strictly regulated by the Home Office and require approval by the Secretary of State before any information gathered by them can be tendered as evidence," the force said.

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