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Last Updated: Friday, 2 April, 2004, 19:09 GMT 20:09 UK
Judges put brake on vehicle claim
Vehicles on road
The legal row centred on the width of the motorhome
A North Yorkshire couple who paid 61,000 for an American motorhome, only to discover it was too big for British roads, have lost a compensation bid.

Barry and Maureen Bramhill, of King Rudding Road, Riccall, bought the second-hand "Dolphin" motorhome at a trade fair in 1999.

At 34ft long and 8.5ft wide, it was two inches wider than permissible on UK roads.

The couple had tried to sue the dealer who sold the motorhome.

No compensation

The size of a single-decker bus, the vehicle was also known as a recreational vehicle (RV).

They had sued the motorhome dealer, Mark Edwards, of Elm Tree Farm, Clifton, Common Goldcliff, Gwent, who trades as "Destination RV" and imported and sold the second-hand vehicle to the pair.

But on Friday three Appeal Court judges unanimously ruled the Bramhills are not entitled to a penny in compensation from Mr Edwards.

The ruling has left the couple facing heavy legal costs.

The judges said there was no evidence the vehicle had "any less value in this country" because of its excessive width.

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