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Oldest goldfish record at risk
Tish the goldfish
The record set by Tish may be overtaken if the new claim
A couple could see their world record of owning Britain's oldest goldfish overturned by an ageing contender from Devon.

Tish, owned by Gordon and Hilda Hand, from Carlton Minniot near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, died four years ago at the age of 43.

Now Pauline and Tom Evans say their goldfish "Goldie" is 44-years-old, but have not got proof of the fish's age.

But they are not willing to subject the fish to tests which would determine its age.

'No documents'

The pretender to the throne was one of three fish bought at the same time.

But only Goldie survived and the Devon family have no diary entries or other documents which would confirm its true age.

Pauline Evans said: "He is still there, but he has lost a lot of colour, and is silver more than gold. But he is still swimming quite well."

Mrs Evans and her husband, Tom, both 70, inherited five-inch long Goldie five years ago.

They have been looking after him at their Bradninch home since the death of Mr Evans' father who they say got the fish in 1960.

The Guinness Book of Records say they would need proof of Goldie's age before any record claim could be made.

Oldest goldfish has his chips
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