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Police warn over holes on beach

People using a beach in Norfolk have been urged by police to report holes in the sand after three 6ft (1.83m) square pits were found in the past two days.

They were all found on North Beach, Great Yarmouth.

One found by a construction team was filled in, another had almost collapsed and a third was still being dug.

Police said there had been an attempt to conceal the holes and they warned that a person could die if they fell into one and were unable to get out.

Police patrols

The warning comes less than a week after a teenager died underneath several tonnes of sand at Cefn Sidan beach, Carmarthenshire.

The 16-year-old boy was inside a tunnel dug into the sand when it collapsed on him.

Insp Rickie Botwright said: "I would like to warn the public to be vigilant and alert us to any situations where they are concerned that digging holes on the beach is more than just creating a few sand castles.

"Digging 6ft deep holes in the sand is extremely reckless and dangerous not only for the person digging the holes but for other beach users."

Police will be patrolling the area and using CCTV to find those responsible.


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