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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 January 2008, 16:32 GMT
Bailiffs target local tax dodgers
Bailiffs are to crack down on at least 500 people who failed to pay council tax and business rates.

North Norfolk District Council said bailiffs were prepared to take possession of goods and property unless debtors arranged to pay what they owed.

"Those being targeted have had at least four chances to pay," a spokesman said.

"They will have goods or property seized and sold at auction to collect a total of 616,000 unpaid council tax or business rates," he said.

Higher targets

The bailiff visits will start on 28 January and will last for at least a fortnight.

"Details of 1,180 people have been passed to bailiffs though half of these people have now made arrangements to pay, and so will not be visited," the spokesman said.

Peter Moore, cabinet member for resources, said: "It is everybody's duty to pay council tax. It is unfair on everybody else if you can pay, but don't.

"We have a help and advice team for people who are having difficulties, and council tax benefits are available to help people in real need.

"There are also many forms of discount, exemption or relief for council tax and business ratepayers.

"So people should get in touch with the council before their debt becomes a real problem."

Last year, North Norfolk District Council collected 98.3% of council tax and business rates. This year, the council has a target of 98.6%.

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