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Del's '6m antique watch' stolen
Only Fools and Horses
The watch made Rodney and Del Boy millionaires
The "antique" watch that made BBC television's Rodney and Del Boy millionaires has been stolen.

It was taken along with Del's rings and "D" neck chain from the Only Fools and Horses Museum in Diss, Norfolk.

Ian Knowles, part owner of the collection at the museum, said: "Chateauneuf du Pape! I can't believe Del Boy's 6m watch has been stolen."

The fake jewellery, which was made by BBC props, was discovered missing by staff at the museum on Thursday.

Rodders and Del hit the jackpot in the 1996 episode Time On Our Hands after finding the 18th Century marine watch, which was sold for 6m at auction.

The replica time-piece was housed at Bressingham Steam Museum, where the Only Fools and Horses exhibition is held.

The watch is a national British treasure and as rare as hens' teeth so we are keen on getting it back
Ian Knowles

Mr Knowles said: "The episode was watched by some 20 million people on Christmas day.

"The watch is a national British treasure and as rare as hens' teeth so we are keen on getting it back.

"It's worth very little because it was made by the BBC prop department but it is priceless to Only Fools fans. It's TV history.

"It's ironic really because we have got Del's original yellow van which is worth 44,000 and his sheepskin coat which is valued at 10,000 at the museum."

Norfolk Police have asked anyone with information on the theft to contact them.

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