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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 April 2007, 21:18 GMT 22:18 UK
Policeman finds fame in Lithuania
Workers boarding a coach to London
Large numbers of Lithuanian migrants have moved to Yarmouth
A policeman from Norfolk has appeared on national television in Lithuania after becoming famous in the country for teaching himself Lithuanian.

Pc Gary Petengell, from Great Yarmouth, started learning the language after he noticed a large number of Lithuanian migrants had moved to the town.

He was nominated for the Pride of Lithuania national awards, the first non-Lithuanian to have such an honour.

Both the president and prime minister of Lithuania attended the ceremony.

More than 50,000 Lithuanians are thought to have come to the UK after the country joined the European Union in 2004 - a significant number for a country with a population of just 3.5 million.

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