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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 March 2007, 13:00 GMT
Storms damage lifeboat shed doors
RNLB Royal Shipwright
RNLB Royal Shipwright replaced the regular Cromer lifeboat
High tides and stormy seas that broke through sea defences along the Norfolk coast have also damaged a lifeboat station's seaward doors.

The lifeboat shed in Cromer suffered tens of thousands of pounds of damage when water burst through its doors when they buckled under a huge surge.

The doors will have to be replaced but the regular lifeboat itself is not operating at the moment.

It was temporarily replaced by a beach launched craft earlier in March.

Ian Goddard, deputy shore works manager for the RNLI at Cromer, said despite the problems crews can still provide rescue cover when needed.

"The lifeboat is off service at the moment and we have a boat stationed on the beach which is launched and recovered by a special tractor and trailer.

"We are altering the station in preparation for a new craft and the damage just means that we will have to keep the temporary boat here a bit longer and that's not a problem."

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