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Last Updated: Wednesday, 31 January 2007, 12:20 GMT
MPs hear views on climate change
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The environment select committee wants to hear locals' thoughts
A House of Commons select committee is meeting in Norwich to discuss climate change and carbon reduction.

The step has been taken as the environment select committee wants to hear people's thoughts on how the government can tackle climate change.

Norwich was chosen by the committee so it could also hear views from the University of East Anglia's carbon reduction programme.

The scheme is helping communities, schools and businesses cut emissions.

Carbon pledges

The university's carbon reduction programme has seen individuals, communities and companies make pledges to cut energy consumption.

The scheme is also involved in the trial use of biofuels in Norfolk.

It has worked with about 30 local schools on climate change issues and set out pathways for people to achieve a 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from their homes and cars.

Dr Bruce Tofield from the university's carbon reduction programme said: "Everyone knows that climate change is one of the most serious and dangerous issues affecting the whole planet.

"All people are affected and that includes our children and grandchildren in particular.

"The committee wants to hear, not just from scientists, but also from individual people, what they think about the issue."

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