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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 April 2006, 10:34 GMT 11:34 UK
Town to have new 'greenest' store
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Recyclable materials are to be used in a new store at Aylsham
A supermarket that has announced record breaking profits of 2.2bn is to build a new store of wood, recyclable plastic and other sustainable materials.

Tesco claims it is going to build the "greenest store in the world" at Aylsham, a Norfolk market town.

Opposition to plans for a store near a new housing estate has been extensive.

The scheme also involved the demolition and re-siting of an historical barn and protesters said the first designs were out of keeping with the market town.

Peter Holman, vice-chairman of the local historical society, said many people who live in the town had been upset by the first design.

"It was out of keeping with the town and the high handed way in which it was introduced caused a great deal of resentment.

Environmental fund

"Planners rejected it after opposition by a large number of town residents and a new design was introduced with high shaped gables and plate glass.

"Many people in the town feel the existing supermarkets are adequate but the new estate is likely to attract many commuters so a new one has been proposed and is very likely to be accepted.

"An old barn on the site near the railway station could not be included in the design as it had no foundations so was dismantled to be rebuilt elsewhere.

"I am not surprised that Tesco are now using recyclable materials for the new building after opposition from the town's residents," he said.

Tesco has also set up a 100m environmental fund and has pledged to halve energy use in stores by 2010 compared with levels in 2000.

The firm said it will use wind turbines, solar panels, geothermal power and gasification, which turns waste into sustainable power, to deliver "a huge reduction in carbon emissions".

A supermarket in Diss uses less energy than other Tesco stores thanks to clear roofs to maximise natural light, wind turbines to power the tills, and cold air from chilled areas for air-conditioning.

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