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Last Updated: Monday, 27 March 2006, 15:02 GMT 16:02 UK
New name proposed for the Broads
The Broads
Sailors on the Broads may soon be hearing a new name
The Broads could change its name to gain public recognition of its national park status.

The Broads Authority wants to rename the 150 miles of waterway the Broads National Park with the authority called the Broads National Park Authority.

It claims this will increase tourism and is part of a private bill to be submitted to Parliament in November.

The bill also seeks powers to regulate the safety of vessels on the Broads and manage overhanging vegetation.

John Packman, chief executive of the Broads Authority, said: "Changing the name of the Broads will not change its status.

"It is already a national park, but the proposed new name removes the current confusion among the public. It will also make things clearer for tourists who visit the area."


The name change is part of a wider bill, which the Broads Authority proposes to submit to Parliament later this year, following formal consultation from 22 May to 7 July.

The authority is seeking additional powers to improve its management of the waterway, enabling it to regulate and inspect the safety of vessels on the Broads, and to insist on third party insurance for all boats, including hire boats.

It is also asking for permission to enter private land to cut back vegetation that overhangs the navigation area, and to leave the material on the land.

Government funding in the form of a national park grant of 100,000 has been made available for promoting the Broads Authority's private bill.

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