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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 January 2006, 09:16 GMT
MP looks for sea erosion solution
An MP whose constituents are losing homes and agricultural land to the sea hopes to find solutions to coastal erosion at a conference in Holland.

Norman Lamb is attending the CoastNET Conference at The Hague with local campaigner Malcolm Kerby who fights for compensation for affected residents.

They are aiming to bring back examples of good practice in coastal flood risk and erosion risk management.

The conference also discusses roles of local communities in decision-making.

"North Norfolk is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change," says Norman Lamb.

Risks to coast

"Sea level rise and increased storminess increase the risks to coastal communities in Norfolk from flooding from the sea and from coastal erosion.

"This conference will discuss how we can adapt to and reduce these risks."

The EU-funded Eurosion project set out to assess the risks to the coasts of Europe and to make recommendations regarding management policies for erosion risk.

This conference will showcase examples of the issues and solutions at the local level around Europe.

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