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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 May, 2005, 11:21 GMT 12:21 UK
Rats thrive on traffic roundabout
The rats are thriving around a road traffic island
Pest control officers have issued a plea to residents to stop dumping food near a traffic island, as it is helping a colony of rats to thrive.

South Norfolk council is stepping up efforts to deal with hundreds of rats at the A143 roundabout in Ditchingham.

Pest control officers have been working for months to cut down the population which is spreading far and wide.

Residents are reporting that rats are getting into homes and wandering around the village.

Flourishing colony

Chris Tubby, environmental protection manager at South Norfolk District Council, said: "My officers have been trying to tackle the rats for months by baiting.

"But the colony is flourishing because it has an ample alternative source of untreated food.

"We are now asking anyone who leaves food at that roundabout to please stop, for the sake of those people living nearby.

"If the rats keep getting the food, the colony will grow out of control, and those who live nearby will face an increased risk of contracting disease and illness as a consequence."

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