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Last Updated: Sunday, 15 May, 2005, 17:16 GMT 18:16 UK
Police review policing of raves
Norfolk Police say they are to review how to deal with a number of raves taking place at the same time.

On Saturday night, officers were called to four separate events across Norfolk.

Norfolk Police say they are looking at working more closely with environmental health and the Norfolk County Council to deal with these events in future.

On Saturday, there were raves at: West Lexham, just outside Swaffham; East Harling; West Harling and Wroxley House, Yarmouth Road, in Norwich.

Norfolk Police officers were called to the first event at a disused quarry in West Lexham, just outside Swaffham, at 2200 BST on Saturday.

Rave broke up peacefully

Police found 30 to 40 people at the venue with a large convoy of vehicles. The party goers dispersed peacefully after being ordered to by officers.

Officers were also alerted to events at East Harling, West Harling and at Wroxley House, Yarmouth Road, Norwich.

At East Harling, Norfolk Police issued a dispersal order and the revellers moved to Dower House in West Harling where more than 3000 people gathered in a forestry area at 2300 BST.

Police said on Sunday that some of people remained at the site on Sunday morning.

The fourth event at Wroxley House saw "several hundred people gathered with music systems at midnight" on Saturday, police said.

By Sunday morning many of the people had left the premises.

Police are called to four raves
15 May 05 |  Norfolk

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