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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 December 2005, 14:56 GMT
Bronze Age find is treasure trove
Bronze Age artefacts
The artefacts date back to 800BC
A hoard of Bronze Age artefacts which had been discovered in a garden has been declared treasure trove.

The items which include spears, sword parts and axe heads were discovered in Shane Targett's garden in Eaton, near Norwich, last April.

The 149 artefacts, which date back to 800BC, are believed to be from a local foundry and are worth about 10,000.

On Wednesday, Coroner Bill Armstrong described the artefacts as a "significant and substantial find".

The Norwich coroner declared the hoard a treasure trove because it was money or coins, gold, silver, or bullion, which was hidden or concealed and has been found by accident.

Mr Targett, an amateur archaeologist, said: "It's just the end of a long and busy week, you stagger down your own back garden and you're pulling out pieces of history.

"The edges were still sharp, in fact on the spears you could have easily cut yourself."

The Castle Museum in Norwich is expected to place a bid to house the collection.

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