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Gloves help save lightning woman
The lightning strike left Angela Edwards a "little shaken"
Rubber washing-up gloves may have helped save a woman after lightning struck her house.

The bolt blew out a telephone junction box and caused some damage to nearby homes in King's Lynn, Norfolk.

But Angela Edwards, 64, suffered only an electric shock - after she was protected by her rubber shoes and washing-up gloves.

Mrs Edwards said medics were confident she would soon be back to normal after the accident on Saturday.

The lightning hit her home just after she had finished washing up.

She said: "There was an almighty bang and a massive flash and I felt an electric shock go through my right arm and down my right leg.
I think I might walk around the house wearing a rubber suit from now on
Angela Edwards

"I went to hospital and the doctors said I was lucky and things could have been a lot worse if I had not been wearing rubber washing-up gloves and rubber-soled shoes.

"My arm is still aching and feels very stiff.

"But the doctors don't want to see me again and they say I should be back to normal soon.

"It has left me a little shaken. I think I might walk around the house wearing a rubber suit from now on."

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