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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 November 2005, 12:09 GMT
'Flood resistant' house designed
Flood-proof house
The property is one of about 20 in the area which has been flooded
A house flooded several times has been made almost "flood resistant" by an insurance company and a council.

Norwich Union and Norfolk County Council have pioneered new protection measures against flood damage.

The property in Lowestoft, Suffolk, now has flood gates and one-way valves installed to prevent sewage build-up.

The main kitchen appliances were raised on plinths and MDF kitchen units were replaced with steel alternatives. Tiles have also been used to replace carpets.

The insurer estimates that by putting in flood-proof solutions the cost of repairs could be reduced from about 49,000 to as little as 8,500.

Above floor level

The walls and skirting were replastered up to one metre above floor level - to limit the dampness seeping into the walls.

The time it takes for the house to become habitable again could also be halved, according to the insurer.

The property is one of about 20 in the immediate area that have been flooded a number of times over the past few years.

Wayne Tatlow, housing services director at Cotman Housing Association, which own the property in Aldwick Way, said: "These resilient improvements should help the house dry out more quickly, minimise the damage and let the tenants back in more quickly.

"We will be assessing the effectiveness should there be further flooding and if they are successful we may look to install them in all the other properties we own that are prone to flooding."

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