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Last Updated: Sunday, 13 February, 2005, 16:57 GMT
Flood alerts as homes evacuated
People living in parts of Norfolk, Essex and Suffolk have been warned to be prepared for possible floods with some homes being evacuated.

On Sunday, the Environment Agency (EA) issued flood warnings for large parts of the Norfolk coastline between the river Great Ouse and Winterton.

An EA spokeswoman said some homes were being evacuated in the Hunstanton area.

The EA also issued alerts of possible flooding along the coast from Shingle Street, Suffolk, to Southend, Essex.

A spokeswoman said there was particular concern of flooding in west Norfolk including the urban area of King's Lynn.

Closing flood gates

She said anyone who may be affected would be alerted by the flood warning scheme.

There are also regular updates on the EA website.

The spokeswoman said a tide of between 5m and 6m is expected in the Hunstanton and Heacham area at about 2130 GMT.

The normal tide is about 3m and all flood gates are being closed around King's Lynn.

She said: "King's Lynn is protected by flood defences. Our workforce will be out four to six hours before the predicted high tide, shutting the King's Lynn flood gates. So King's Lynn shouldn't be in any danger.

'Shingle banks vulnerable'

"At Hunstanton and Heacham we have some sea defences made up of hard defences and shingle banks. The shingle banks can be quite vulnerable when we have storm surges of this nature.

"As a precautionary measure, in the Hunstanton and Heacham area, we've issued a preliminary evacuation notice.

"These are to some of the vulnerable properties and caravan sites that lie just behind the shingle banks in the area.

"We're advising that people on site begin to think about evacuating two to three hours before high water and keeping well away from the area until the high-tide has passed.

"Then once the all clear's given, about two hours after high-tide, they can make their way back."

Flooding fears across the east
31 Jan 04 |  Norfolk


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