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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 November, 2004, 20:24 GMT
Partridge fans engaged on radio
Lucas Grubbs (front left), Graham Barnard (middle) and Meredith Farmer (front right)
The couple met in the post room at Yale University
An American couple who are Alan Partridge fans got engaged live on Radio Norfolk on Thanksgiving Day.

Lucas Grubbs, who is on attachment at Cambridge University, asked radio presenter Graham Barnard to make the proposal in honour of the spoof DJ.

Meredith Farmer, who was visiting Mr Grubbs for Thanksgiving, accepted after hearing the proposal on air.

Mr Barnard said he reminded the couple "that Radio Norfolk was very different to Alan Partridge's Radio Norwich".

The Radio Norfolk presenter said he received an e-mail from Mr Grubbs which said he was a huge Alan Partridge fan and would like to propose to his girlfriend on-air.

The couple - who are both Theology students at Yale University - first met in the university mail room while Meredith was sorting out the post.

The couple have set a wedding date for 6 August 2005.



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