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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 July, 2004, 21:59 GMT 22:59 UK
Lottery winner is sent to prison
Michael Carroll
Carroll admitted having cocaine worth 1,500 this year
A man who won 9.7m on the National Lottery has been jailed for five months for breaching a court order.

Magistrates in Swaffham, Norfolk, told Michael Carroll, 21, he had failed to comply with a drugs treatment and testing order.

Carroll was told to complete the order in March after he admitted possessing cocaine worth 1,500. He admitted breaching the order last month.

The treatment order consisted of twice-weekly drugs tests.

'Going nowhere'

On Tuesday, probation officer Gill Pooley said Carroll had turned up for tests only once since his order was reviewed on 1 June.

In June the court was told that he had been tested once since March and the result was negative.

At that time, probation officer Paul East told the court that Carroll had failed to attend half of his scheduled appointments.

Ms Pooley said: "I really cannot say this order is going anywhere at the moment. My view is that the order should be revoked and he should be re-sentenced for the original offences."

Michael Carroll has let himself down
Senior probation officer Clive Attfield

Carroll's lawyer told the court his client had failed to show up because he was the victim of a campaign of intimidation.

He said Carroll had been threatened, blackmailed, physically threatened and his property damaged - which had made him too scared to leave the house.

But magistrates rejected the argument, saying his drug offences were so serious he must be jailed.

He was sentenced to five months in prison for breaching the treatment order, five months for allowing cannabis to be smoked in his home and three days for possession of other drugs, to run concurrently.

Electronically tagged

Carroll was also banned from driving for 12 months after admitting driving offences.

Outside court, senior probation officer Clive Attfield said justice had been done.

He said: "Michael Carroll has let himself down. Clearly there was a moment when he did in fact co-operate but over the last month he did not co-operate at all."

The former dustman had promised to reform his ways when he collected his lottery winnings in November 2002.

He was electronically tagged at the time for drunk and disorderly behaviour.

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