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Last Updated: Sunday, 4 April, 2004, 17:35 GMT 18:35 UK
Legal car cruise event is held
Ansar Ali, General Manager of Lotus Cars Ltd. in the UK with Chief Constable Andy Hayman (in the car) at Wymondham Police Headquarters
Ansar Ali, of Lotus Cars with Chief Constable Andy Hayman (in the car)
World leading sports car maker Lotus Cars teamed up with Norfolk Police for one of the UK's first legal off the road cruise events on Sunday.

More than 3,000 people have turned up to the event at Great Yarmouth.

Norfolk Police hope to make it an annual event to stop huge numbers of cruisers causing problems on the roads.

Lotus has sponsored the event by providing a Lotus Elise, a sports car that has won over 50 awards around the world and has a top speed of 125 mph.

The meeting at the Caister Road sports stadium in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, aimed to finish at 2000 BST on Sunday.

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