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Last Updated: Monday, 2 August, 2004, 05:53 GMT 06:53 UK
Pair survive plane crash-landing
Martin Shaw inspects the damage
Actor Martin Shaw inspects the damage to his Stearman
A vintage aircraft belonging to the actor Martin Shaw has crashed as it tried to take off from a Norfolk airfield.

The 1940s' Stearman bi-plane, which was being leased by the Old Buckenham Airfield, overturned in a field at about 1645 BST on Sunday.

The pilot managed to pull the male passenger, in his 60s, to safety before the plane caught fire.

Both were treated at the scene by paramedics for minor injuries.

The Stearman before the crash
The 60-year-old Stearman was on loan to the airfield

The plane crashed and landed upside down during a training flight.

Martin Shaw, who was at the airfield on Monday to take a closer look at the damage to the Stearman, which he bought in 1994 for 80,000.

He saw the plane crash and set alight on Sunday evening - just hours before he was due to fly the plane himself.

Norfolk Police are investigating the incident, said a spokesman.

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