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Last Updated: Tuesday, 10 February, 2004, 17:27 GMT
DNA breakthrough over 1970 murder
Susan Long
New DNA techniques could catch Susan Long's killer
An inquiry into the unsolved murder of a Norfolk teenager 34 years ago is being re-opened.

Susan Long was 18 when her body was found at Aylsham on 10 March 1970.

Detectives, led by Det Supt Martin Wright, are reopening the investigation into her murder following latest developments in DNA techniques.

Police said they were now pinning their hopes on new DNA testing of blood found on Susan's clothes to finally catch her killer.

Mr Wright is to lead a small team of officers revisiting a number of people who were seen during the original inquiry.

Insurance worker Susan's parents raised the alarm when she failed to return home one night after meeting her boyfriend.

Although Susan had just bought a car, she had decided to use her bus pass to return home from Norwich.

Molly Long
Susan was widow Molly Long's only child
Apart from her killer, the last known person to have seen Susan alive was a fellow passenger who reported seeing her in Aylsham's Market Place just after Susan had got off the bus at 2300 GMT that night.

Her body was found in remote Lovers' Lane the following day.

Susan was an only child and her mother, Molly Long, 78, now a widow, said she had managed to cope with the pain of her daughter's death by keeping busy.

"She was our girl and we loved her. Our lives revolved round her. I think they do when there's only one," Mrs Long said.

"I can't imagine that she would have got in with a stranger, unless she was in some way compelled to do that."

Mrs Long said she was quietly hopeful the new investigation would uncover her daughter's killer.

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