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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 December, 2003, 12:47 GMT
William's 'ordinary' cinema trip
Prince William
The Prince kept a low profile at the cinema
Prince William made a surprise visit to a Norfolk cinema on Saturday - to watch the latest Lord of the Rings film.

The prince took a group of friends to the Hollywood Cinema in Dereham to see the trilogy's final part, The Return of the King.

He wore a baseball cap and kept such a low profile that few people recognised him.

Trevor Wicks, the owner of the 147-seater cinema, said Prince William had come with a party of 11.

"What's great is the ordinariness of it," he said.

"He could have gone anywhere. He could have gone to a West End premiere, but instead he came to a local cinema."

The Prince is spending Christmas on the Queen's Sandringham estate, which is just a few miles from Dereham.


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