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Last Updated: Friday, 8 August, 2003, 19:43 GMT 20:43 UK
New bypass plans unveiled
Village of Ringland
Some villagers are concerned about the effects of a bypass
Plans have been unveiled for a new northern bypass for Norwich.

The plan, which could cost 100m, is that the northern bypass could take 19,000 cars off the main roads every day.

Three separate routes are being considered for the section to the east of Norwich airport.

Four possibilities are being looked at for the remainder of the road.

These could take a route near the village of Ringland or near Costessey.

Looking at transport options

Norfolk County Council is starting a major consultation exercise to find out the views of local people on these plans.

Councillor Adrian Gunson, cabinet member for planning and transportation, said: "This consultation is a chance for people to tell us what they think about a new road and other transport options for Norwich.

"I hope that as many people as possible will take this opportunity to help influence the future of transport policy for the city."

Nick Adams, Ringland Parish Council, said he was concerned about "damage to the environment, noise and pollution" caused by the extra cars if the bypass goes near the village.

"It will be very significant," he said.

Mr Adams thought that there would be some advantages with the cut in the number of vehicles using the village as a "rat-run".

New Norwich Road is Centrepiece of Transport Consultation, one of the largest public consultations ever carried out in the Norwich area will get under way in the autumn.

It is aimed at updating the transport strategy for the city.

Norfolk County Council's cabinet will be asked on 18 August to approve a mailshot to 130,000 households and businesses in October, to get the public's views on options for improving travel and transport in Norwich over the next 20 years.

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