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Siren given to protect Martin
Donated siren
The siren given to Malcolm Starr for Tony Martin
Jailed farmer Tony Martin will have an old air raid siren to scare off intruders when he returns to his remote Norfolk farm.

The World War II siren has been given to Martin by a wealthy landowner in the county.

It was handed over to the farmer's friend and spokesman Malcolm Starr.

Martin, 58, is due to be released from Highpoint Prison in Suffolk at the end of this month.

He will have served two-thirds of a five-year sentence for manslaughter after shooting dead 16-year-old burglar Fred Barras at his house at Emneth Hungate.

Providing those arrangements remain within the law then we have no problem with them
Norfolk Police spokesman

Mr Starr says Martin is determined to return to the house.

He believes the gift was prompted by Martin telling a probation officer that he would protect himself with a siren that could be "heard all across the Fens".

"He's very touched by this to think that someone's that thoughtful that they've found one of these and took the trouble to bring it to me," Mr Starr said.

Norfolk Police spokesman Mel Lacey said the force was putting together plans for when Martin was released.

"Obviously Mr Martin is making his own plans for when he leaves prison.

"We have our own plans but it would be inappropriate to discuss them in public.

"Mr Martin, in common with any other householder, has a perfect right to make his own security arrangements.

Tony Martin
The siren is to help protect Tony Martin
"Providing those arrangements remain within the law then we have no problem with them."

On his release Martin wants to support householders who defend themselves against intruders.

North West Norfolk MP Henry Bellingham revealed after visiting Martin on Friday that the farmer also wants to campaign against burglars getting legal aid to sue for compensation if they are injured during a break-in

Burglar Brendon Fearon, who was wounded in the 1999 robbery at Emneth Hungate, is currently suing the farmer for 15,000 compensation for his injuries.

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