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Sister sued for 50,000 bingo win

Three sisters are locked in a courtroom battle in an argument over their share of a 50,000 bingo payout.

Linda Kenny, 53, and Doreen Thomas, 57, are suing Edna Sexton, 59, for a share of her win at Buckingham Bingo Palace in Hunts Cross, Liverpool.

The pair claim their sister reneged on an oral agreement they reached in 2005 to split any winnings.

Mrs Kenny and Mrs Thomas are suing Mrs Sexton for 16,666 each, plus interest, at Chester County Court.

Mrs Sexton claims they had made a variation on the agreement in October 2006, deciding that any payment over 1,000 did not need to be shared.

Mrs Kenny told the court that the big win happened on the National Game during a family outing to the Buckingham Bingo Palace in June 2007.

"I actually bought Edna's National Game ticket for her because she was late arriving," she told the court.

You trust each other as a sister. Until this win we stuck together
Linda Kenny

All three sisters were "overwhelmed and completely excited" by the win, Mrs Kenny told the court.

When told she had won, Mrs Sexton said she would put 10,000 in the bank and then go on a shopping spree with the rest, Mrs Kenny told the court.

It was later that evening that Mrs Sexton changed her mind about sharing the win, Mrs Kenny said.

"She was saying: 'There's no reason that I'd share with you but I will give you 10,000 as a gift because you are my sister.'"

The family rift later developed and the sisters decided to start court proceedings.

Family trust

Mrs Kenny told the court the sisters had played bingo together about 50 times at various venues, and had two previous 1,000 wins - which were shared.

She said: "We always shared. We have never disagreed before until this 50,000 win. It was always done equally, none of us lost out.

"We always thought it was a binding agreement between three sisters.

"You trust each other as a sister. Until this win we stuck together. I always hoped for a big win - now this is the outcome.

"We didn't ever think it would come to this because we did not think anyone would renege on it."

The hearing continues.

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