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Last Updated: Monday, 17 March 2008, 10:52 GMT
Call for discount on tunnels toll
Queensway Tunnel
The tunnel toll increases from April 2008
Motorists who live on either side of the Mersey Tunnels are calling for a local discount on the tolls.

Campaigners say people living in Wirral and Liverpool should be given similar discounts to those proposed for the Dartford Tunnel in Kent.

Last month, the government said local people using that crossing would be given discounts of nearly 90%.

Car users of the Mersey Tunnels will be charged 1.40 from April. Operator Merseytravel declined to comment.

The crossing, comprising the Kingsway and Queensway tunnels, links the Wirral peninsula with Liverpool and is run by the region's transport authority.

The 10p toll increase, which Merseytravel said was needed to help tackle road congestion, was opposed by the Mersey Tunnels Users Association, which is launching the discount campaign.

A spokesman said: "Liverpool and the Wirral have suffered tolls for nearly 75 years, isn't it time that we got toll discounts rather than toll increases?

"People in Liverpool and Wirral should get the same treatment as those crossing the Thames."

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