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Last Updated: Monday, 4 February 2008, 21:26 GMT
Fresh produce terminal for city
The produce terminal
It is hoped the terminal will be up and running by September
A new 6m terminal is to be built in the Port of Liverpool

It is designed to help cut truck journeys and carbon emissions by shipping them further north rather than driving the fruit from a southern port.

It is hoped that the new Liverpool Produce terminal will be up and running by September.

Lewis Clements, joint Managing Director of Go-Associates, said it made environmental and economic sense to ship the produce to Liverpool.

He said :"Ten million tonnes of fresh produce are shipped into the UK each year and half of it comes up to the North of England.

"It makes economic and environmental sense to bring that volume to the deepsea port that is closest to the population of 30 million people and is served by the best motorway network for rapid distribution direct to supermarkets."

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