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Memorial plan for Beatles manager
Brian Epstein
Opponents say Epstein would have shunned a memorial
A memorial to the former manager of the Beatles could be created in Liverpool after councillors backed plans for a lasting tribute to him.

Brian Epstein died in 1967, aged 32, from a sleeping pill overdose.

Plans for the tribute are still in the early stages, with no set idea for the memorial or location.

However, solicitor Rex Makin, who was a friend of Epstein, has slammed the plans saying he was a private person who would not have wanted a monument.

"I think it's rubbish, I don't believe in statues of any kind," said Mr Makin, who used to live next door to Epstein and helped arrange his funeral.

"Brian's work with the Beatles is there - it doesn't need any monument.

"He wouldn't have wanted one, the family wouldn't have wanted it. Brian was a very private person.

The Beatles
Brian Epstein guided the Beatles to their early success

"It just seems to be people jumping on a bandwagon."

Epstein managed a host of Liverpool stars in the 60s including Cilla Black and Gerry Marsden.

Councillor Eddie Clein, who proposed the motion together with Councillor Steve Rotherham, got to know Epstein when he played at the Cavern Club with his band in the 60s.

He said: "I spoke to the council and 88 out of 90 councillors thought it was an excellent idea.

"Brian was a very private person but we are talking about the impact that the Beatles made on not just Liverpool, or this country, but right round the world.

"Those of a younger generation have never heard of him and that is sad because you really can't think or talk of the Beatles without associating it with Brian so we need to do something to preserve that."

The proposal for a memorial was passed at a meeting of Liverpool City Council on Wednesday night.

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