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Agony of murdered father's family
By Mark Simpson
BBC North of England correspondent

Garry Newlove
Mr Newlove had been given the all-clear from stomach cancer

The killing of Garry Newlove provoked a national debate about youth binge-drinking but it also prompted agonising questions for the man's family.

Could they have prevented him being kicked and punched outside his home?

Could the police have done more to stop anti-social behaviour in the area?

Garry Newlove had worked for months to stop trouble-making youths from destroying his neighbourhood

And how could a man who had successfully battled stomach cancer die such a needless death?

"He didn't deserve to die that way," said his widow, Helen.

"We'd waited 10 years to get the all-clear from the cancer and then four years later [God] did this to us."

'Kicked like football'

Mr Newlove, 47, was a sales manager and a part-time disc jockey.

He was married with three daughters - Amy, 12, Danielle, 15, and Zoe, 18. They lived on Station Road North in Warrington.

The street was plagued by troublesome youths, and Mr Newlove was attacked after confronting a group of young people about damage to his wife's car on a Friday night in August.

Parents have to face up to their responsibilities
Helen Newlove

Giving evidence at Chester Crown Court, Zoe told how she had seen her father being attacked.

"They kicked him like they were kicking a football," she said.

A statement from Mrs Newlove was read out during the trial about the trouble caused by drunken local youths.

"It was driving [Garry] nuts... that he couldn't relax in his own home."

"Nothing seemed to be getting done by the police as the youths would disperse as soon as the police arrived."

Mrs Newlove also spoke about seeing her husband in hospital before he died.

'Not acceptable'

"Garry was a mess, his head was covered in blood, very swollen.

"He had like a trainer print mark in the centre of his forehead."

If a child is found drinking we call their parents, take them down to the police station and explain what the dangers are
Insp Derek Lockie, neighbourhood inspector

Five teenagers were accused of murdering Mr Newlove.

Adam Swellings, 19, from Crewe, Cheshire, and two boys aged 17 and 16, were convicted of the sales manager's murder after a trial which lasted more than seven weeks.

A 15-year-old and a 17-year-old were cleared.

For Mrs Newlove, no form of justice will ever be good enough.

She said: "It's not acceptable that we always have to wait for fatalities for something to be done.

"I will fight for Garry and I hope that other families do not have to go through what we have."

Garry Newlove's widow speaks of her family's pain

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