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Slim or die man loses 39-stones
Colin Corfield
Mr Corfield has lost almost 40 stones in a year
A 55-stone man who was given six months to live unless he slimmed down has lost over half his body weight and says he is finally enjoying life.

Colin Corfield was told his own body fat could suffocate him and he opted to have a risky gastric bypass operation.

Doctors told the Runcorn pub landlord that there was a one in 20 chance he could die from the surgery.

But the operation on the 39-year-old, who had been almost confined to his bedroom,went ahead.

Mr Corfield said he has always struggled with his weight.

Even as a child, his family saw him put weight on and his physical condition gets worse.

Mr Corfield had already developed a number of medical problems including sleep apnoea - a condition where you stop breathing in your sleep and could die unless you wear an oxygen mask.

Colin Corfield
People would say 'Col you're getting too big you've got to do something about it,' but I just wouldn't listen to them
Colin Corfield

Doctors told him to lose weight or he would be dead within six months.

But he did not have the money to fund his operation, so his mother sold her house to pay the 32,000 gastric bypass.

Mr Corfield underwent the operation at University Hospital Aintree in Liverpool and a year on says it was all worth it.

"Now I feel fantastic - I can't describe it. Now I'm down to 16 stone.

"I was very, very sad at the time I was heavy.

"People would say 'Col you're getting too big you've got to do something about it,' but I just wouldn't listen to them.

"But I'm not sad anymore - I've got my life back.

"I can go back and watch the match at Everton. I used to do it all the time before I got too big to get through the turnstile."

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