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Youths accused of father's murder
Garry Newlove
Mr Newlove confronted the gang outside his Warrington home
A father-of-three was beaten by a violent gang of youths before being left for dead, a court has heard.

Garry Newlove, 47, was knocked to the ground and kicked and punched in an attack that was witnessed by his daughter, Chester Crown Court heard.

The jury was told he was beaten outside his Warrington home after confronting the gang, who were making life a "misery" in the neighbourhood.

Five teenagers deny murdering the sales manager in August 2007.

Adam Swellings, 19, of Meredith Street, Crewe, and four other teenagers - two aged 17, one 16, and a 15-year-old, who cannot be named - are accused of killing the 47-year-old.

Mr Swellings has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but this was rejected by prosecutors and he will continue to be tried for murder along with the other four defendants.

The father-of-three, who lived in Station Road North, Fearnhead, did not regain consciousness and died of head injuries two days after the attack on 12 August.

The defendants are all young... but on that night they acted together as an abusive and violent gang
Michael Chambers QC, prosecuting

Michael Chambers QC, prosecuting, described the fatal attack as a "serious, unprovoked and unjustified assault".

"The defendants are all young. But on that night they acted together as an abusive and violent gang."

The jury will be taken to the scene of the murder, close to Mr Newlove's family home on Station Road North, Fearnhead.

The prosecution said that Garry Newlove's street had been plagued by gangs of youths drinking, vandalising and being anti-social.

One neighbour had installed a CCTV camera on his property to protect his driveway.

Mr Chambers said on the night of the killing one of the defendants damaged Mrs Newlove's Renault Scenic.

Amy Newlove, who was reading in her bedroom, looked out to see her mother's car being kicked.

Crime scene
The prosecution said Mr Newlove's street had been plagued by gangs

She told her father who rushed out of the house barefoot and in spectacles, and wearing just a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms and spoke to the group that had damaged the car.

Mr Chambers said: "They closed in around him, they knocked him to the ground and kicked him.

"He put up his arms to try and protect himself and curled up.

"Whilst some kicked, others punched or stood in the group overwhelming Mr Newlove and supporting the attack."

Describing Zoe Newlove's witness statement, he said: "Zoe will say she saw one of the other lads kick or knee her father in the back and he fell to the floor.

"She then saw all the lads, about six of them, kicking her father while he was on the floor.

"Her father was curled up and the group of lads were all laughing as they were kicking him."

"She will say it was like they were kicking a football."

The trial continues.

Five youths on trial for Garry Newlove's murder

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