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Father warned motorway death boy
Kieran Coupe
Kieran had only lived in the area for about eight weeks
The father of a boy killed as he tried to cross a motorway with a friend has said he was looking for his son when he was told of the crash.

Kieran Coupe, seven, and six-year-old Guy Davies died when they were hit by three cars on the M56 at Preston Brook, near Runcorn in Cheshire.

Kieran's father Colin Lambert said he had warned the youngster to stay away from the motorway.

Mr Lambert said: "I don't know how I feel. I was very hysterical yesterday."

The motorway edge is about 300 yards (275m) from the back garden of Mr Lambert's home, with woods in between.

Both boys lived on the same street in Murdishaw in Runcorn, Cheshire Police said.

Mr Lambert said: "Kieran knows not to go near the motorway, that it is dangerous. I had been teaching him the Green Cross Code only this week."

Speaking later, Mr Lambert called for a fence or "danger" signs to be placed close to the motorway's edge.

Colin Lambert
Kieran had only lived up here for probably about eight or nine weeks
Colin Lambert, Kieran's father

He said: "I look around and everything is fenced off but not the motorway. There should be a fence or a danger sign at least to warn of the danger."

Paula Taylor, 41, who lives near the children, said: "There is no barrier to stop kids getting on to the motorway, they just have to climb down a bank and they are on it.

"I tell my kids never to go in the woods but boys are boys and it must have been an adventure for them."

Teachers at the boys' school in Murdishaw and others in the area will talk to youngsters about the tragedy when they return from half-term break on Monday.

Children will also be taught about the dangers of high speed traffic.

The move has been welcomed by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents which said more must be done to protect children who are killed on the motorways.

Speaking outside his home Mr Lambert said: "Kieran had only lived up here for probably about eight or nine weeks, so he didn't know the area very well."

Mr Lambert saw Kieran, who lived with him and grandmother Joan, on Wednesday afternoon when he was at the house with his friends.

They went out to play and Kieran was due back in the house at 1700 BST for his evening meal.

When he did not return, Mr Lambert and his brother and 12 neighbours went to find him.

Police closed the motorway at the scene
Police shut the motorway to carry out inquiries

Kieran has one brother and three half sisters and used to live in Nottinghamshire with his mother.

Cheshire Police said the boys were pushing scooters across the Chester-bound carriageway when they were struck by the cars.

The children were pronounced dead at the scene. Nobody else was injured.

Mrs Taylor said: "They were just ordinary little boys, always playing in the street and kicking a football about.

"I heard yesterday afternoon that they had gone missing and police were around helping the families look for them.

"Then we heard the news about the crash on the motorway. "It is awful, just awful."

Mr Lambert, who brought Kieran to Runcorn last March after living in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, said he suspected his son was rushing home because he was afraid of the dark.

Cheshire Police are appealing for witnesses to the accident to come forward.

Father of Kieran Coupe speaks of the search for his son

Two boys killed crossing motorway
25 Oct 07 |  Merseyside

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