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Life with depression shown on TV
Elaine Hanzak
Elaine Hanzak with Dominic before she was diagnosed with depression
A Cheshire-based health campaigner who battled with post-natal depression (PND) for four years is to be the subject of a TV film.

Elaine Hanzak says her illness led her to self-harming and she suffered urges to hurt her own child.

The programme will launch a campaign demanding a commitment from the government to support new mums who fall victim to PND.

The TV documentary will be based on Elaine's book Eyes Without Sparkle.

Elaine, who lives in Helsby, is convinced viewers will be shocked by her story.

She says: "The sooner my story gets on to TV screens, the better because I want to raise awareness about this devastating condition."

'Compelling story'

The health campaigner says her illness led to her wandering through the streets of Runcorn on a December night wearing just her nightdress.

Other incidents described in her book include her use of kitchen knives to carve patterns in her own legs, a compulsion to bang her head against walls and long periods of tearfulness, panic and confusion.

Now 12 years on Elaine is a full time health campaigner, raising awareness of PND.

Adrian Banyard, development producer for Ecosse Films who have commissioned the screenplay, said: "We think Elaine has a compelling human interest story to tell and we believe it will make a great TV film".

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