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New exhibition goes big on smalls
Some of the bras in the exhibition
The exhibition aims to raise money for a local breast cancer charity
A new exhibition at the Liverpool Academy of Art promises an uplifting experience as it celebrates the centenary of the invention of the bra.

A collection of bras donated by members of the public and celebrities, including former Page Three girl Linda Lusardi, will be on show.

The exhibition, called Bravo!, aims to raise money for The Lily Centre, a breast cancer support organisation.

It will be open to the public from Monday and all proceeds go to charity.

'Hello Boys'

The display charts the history of the bra and its various incarnations through the ages and how it reflects the changing fashions.

June Lornie, from Liverpool Academy of Arts, said: "We decided to collect bras for the exhibition - so I've been asking everyone I see 'have you got any bras?' sometimes they think I've gone a bit mental - and perhaps I have!

"But we've had loads of people coming in and donating them."

Linda Lusardi's bra
Linda Lusardi has donated a bra to the exhibition

The exhibition also includes posters from the Wonderbra "Hello Boys" advertising campaign that reportedly caused a string of traffic accidents when Model Eva Herzigova was seen modelling underwear on billboards positioned near traffic hotspots.

Former page three girl Linda Lusardi has also donated one of her bras to be put on display.

There is also a dress made for the exhibition made entirely from bras.

It will run until 26 October.

Bras exhibited in Liverpool

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