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Woman wins for saving baby's life
Carol Miller
Ms Miller battled for 40 minutes to save baby Alfie
A flight attendant from Merseyside has won a top award for saving the life of a premature baby she delivered at 30,000ft.

Carol Miller, an air hostess for First Choice, picked up the accolade for battling to keep 1lb 1oz (453g) Alfie alive on a flight from Crete.

Ms Miller, 47, from Calderstones, used a straw to inflate the baby's lungs.

Mother Nicola Delemere, 31, from Scunthorpe, had gone into labour three months early.

Mrs Delemere and her husband Dominic, 28, were on a flight to Manchester in April when she started bleeding, it was then that Ms Miller came to the rescue.

She got the pilot to make contact with medical staff on the ground and was talked through what to do.

The Delemere family
Mr and Mrs Delemere's son Alfie was born at 30,000 ft

Ms Miller said: "I could feel the baby's head so we took her (Mrs Delemere's) trousers off and then baby Alfie just popped out.

"Although it was scary at the same time it was beautiful to see something so new, you just wanted to do something whether you are trained or not."

Without hesitation, Ms Miller clamped the umbilical cord and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation until the aeroplane landed at Gatwick and the baby rushed to intensive care.

Ms Miller was told she has won a Pride of Britain award when Peter Kay turned up at Manchester Airport to give her the good news.

The footage will be shown on television on Wednesday.

Alfie who is now fit and well went home in August after a stay in hospital.

His father said: "We really can't begin to thank Carol enough for saving Alfie's life."


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