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Newborn boy abandoned in garden
Baby Zack
Medical staff believe Zack was only hours old when he was found
A newborn boy, thought to be only hours old, has been found abandoned in a bag in a garden in Liverpool.

The boy, named Zack by nurses, was found by a couple on Delagoa Road, Fazakerley, on Thursday night when they heard a noise they thought was a cat.

Merseyside Police have begun a search for the child's mother.

Zack, who weighs 8lb 11oz (3.94kg) and still had his umbilical cord attached, had been wrapped in towels and placed inside a bag.

The baby is described as healthy and is being cared for at Liverpool Women's Hospital.

We want to find mum so that we can check on her welfare and make sure she is OK
Det Supt Colin Leeman
Merseyside Police

Lydia Moore, head of midwifery at the hospital, said: "Zack is doing very well.

"He is in good condition and is feeding well but we are concerned about Zack's mum. She has given birth on her own with no medical assistance.

"She needs to get some attention from a doctor or a midwife. We have no idea what kind of delivery it was."

Det Supt Colin Leeman, of Merseyside Police, said there was no connection between the baby and the house where he was discovered.

Mr Leeman added: "Medical staff at the hospital believe the baby is just hours old but we want to find mum so that we can check on her welfare and make sure she is OK."

He described the little boy as being "a picture of health".

CCTV is also being examined to see if the mother was caught on cameras in the area.

House-to-house inquiries are also taking place.

Police appeal to boy's mother

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