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Poem penned for football-mad Rhys
Rhys Jones
Rhys Jones was a huge Everton fan

The father of murdered 11-year-old Rhys Jones, who was shot as he walked home after football practice, has written a poem dedicated to his son.

In the poem, Stephen Jones describes how he imagines his son playing football in heaven with George Best, Dixie Dean and Bobby Moore.

Eleven teenagers have been questioned about Rhys's shooting on 22 August.

Merseyside Police have been searching an area behind the Fir Tree Pub in Croxteth where he was shot.

The area near the pub car park was sealed off on Thursday afternoon before the search team moved in.

Officers have also appealed for a man who had "key information" to call them.

So Rhys plays now so happily, to the angels in the crowd, and every time he hits the net, they roar his name so loud
Stephen Jones's poem

Stephen Jones's poem speaks of how God wanted a football match held in heaven, and needed to select 11 players.

It reads: "Georgie Best, big Brian Labone, the legend Dixie Dean, Alan Ball and Bobby Moore, all made it in the team.

"He needed one more player, someone who would be quick, from up above he looked down, and saw Rhys there in his kit...

"So Rhys plays now so happily, to the angels in the crowd, and every time he hits the net they roar his name so loud."

Brave caller

Speaking about the ongoing hunt for Rhys's killer, Det Supt Dave Kelly, from Merseyside Police, said a man had called them on Saturday at about 2320 BST.

He said: "There is one man who has rung in and provided key information and I thank him for making that call. He is very brave.

"I will personally speak to you and I will look after you by whatever methods we have available to us.

Melanie and Stephen Jones
Rhys's parents said they will answer every card they receive

"I would like to say this to the killer - what you have done is wrong, we need to deal with you.

"It is only a matter of time before we get you. Please come forward for the family's sake."

Rhys's parents said they had drawn strength from the support people had given them since Rhys was killed.

'Ordinary family'

The couple have also said they will answer every card, letter or message that has been sent to them since their 11-year-old son was murdered.

Mr Jones, a Tesco store manager, said: "Every morning we take an hour for ourselves and go through every piece of mail that has arrived that day.

Mrs Jones said: "I will answer every card, letter or message that has a return address on it. I don't care how long it takes.

"We are just an ordinary family from Croxteth Park and these people who last week had no idea who we were have taken time out to write and offer their support.

"To get so many messages has given us such a strength."

Police search Dam Wood

Rhys, 11, was shot by a teenager on a BMX bike near the Fir Tree pub in Croxteth as he walked home from playing football.

Detectives had previously arrested and released 11 teenage suspects, four without charge and seven on police bail.

They have also pledged that anonymity will be given to witnesses.

Special measures have been agreed with the Crown Prosecution Service to ensure those who give evidence in court will be allowed to use video links or sit behind a screen.

Officers searching nearby Dam Wood near the Croxteth Park estate discovered two guns but said they were not connected to the fatal shooting of Rhys Jones.

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