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City hospital masterplan unveiled
Royal Liverpool University Hospital
The current building opened in 1978
Outline details of the 400m blueprint for the future of Liverpool's biggest hospital have been unveiled.

The Royal Liverpool University Hospital is to be rebuilt on adjacent land, with the aim of becoming a specialist centre for A&E and cancer treatment.

Demolition work on some buildings will start in 2008, although final designs will not be in place for 18 months.

Initial plans show the new site will have 200 fewer beds but more wards could be created if needed.

The new building will offer a more "pleasant experience" for patients when it opens in 2014, according to health chiefs.

Plans for the new hospital include every bed having access to natural light, an increase in the number of single bedrooms and more ways to tackle infections like MRSA - such as the use of silver or copper door handles.

We would like something iconic but it depends what the private sector comes up with
Helen Jackson, project director

Project director, Helen Jackson said: "We are building contingency space into the new hospital in case we need to expand certain areas.

"We are still working on the number of beds. The current figure is 665 - 200 less than at present.

"Twelve months ago we were thinking of 75 more beds. But all the time we are working on reducing lengths of stay and working with Primary Care Trusts about treatment outside hospital."

Old building

Initial talks with the Department of Health over private finance initiative (pfi) funding have taken place and an outline planning application will be submitted in the autumn.

Between 2m and 3m is now to be spent demolishing former residential blocks and the old blood transfusion unit off West Derby Street so the site is ready for construction in autumn 2010.

The trust is also working with Liverpool City Council on what the complex might look like.

The current Royal Liverpool opened in 1978 and, although structurally sounds, will need major refurbishment in the next few years if kept open.

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