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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 March 2007, 22:34 GMT
Police test drone spy helicopters
Steadicopter pilotless helicopter (image: Steadicopter)
The drones are similar to those used in military surveillance
Pilotless helicopters will be tested by police on Merseyside in the fight against anti-social behaviour.

The drone aircraft will keep watch over football matches and trouble hotspots.

Fitted with CCTV cameras and weighing 1kg - about the same as a bag of sugar - they are controlled by officers on the ground.

The force is considering using them to monitor large crowds and to gather evidence from major incidents or areas blighted by anti-social behaviour.

Assistant Chief Constable Simon Byrne said it was something they are interested in using.

"We already have the force helicopter but the drone is smaller. We will have the resources to put several out at any one time.

"We could have one over a firearms incident in one part of the county, for example, and another over crowds at a football match to spot any trouble."

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