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Stabbed mother 'cried for help'
Laura Bailey and her baby
Laura Bailey died from multiple stab wounds
A mother cried out for help as she was stabbed to death by her former partner in front of their one-year-old baby.

Laura Bailey, 17, was holding her son Joseph as she was attacked in the World Museum in Liverpool on 26 November.

She suffered massive injuries as Kevin Howard stabbed her with a six-inch kitchen knife, an inquest heard.

Coroner Andre Rebello recorded a verdict of unlawful killing on Miss Bailey and suicide for Mr Howard, who died after jumping from a balcony.

Liverpool Coroner's Court heard the 21-year-old jumped from the third floor of the museum and fell 60ft to his death after the attack.

Miss Bailey, from Toxteth, was taken to hospital but died the same day.

Miss Bailey and Mr Howard had been partners but had since split and Miss Bailey had found a new partner, the inquest was told.

Help me, the baby, help me! He's stabbed me - Kevin Howard
Laura Bailey

The couple had arranged to meet at the museum so Mr Howard could see his son, but he arrived armed with a knife.

Det Insp Richard Salter, of Merseyside Police, said Ms Bailey was in a covered area of the dinosaur exhibition with her son walking behind her.

He said no-one saw what happened next, but a witness heard Ms Bailey shout "'Help me, the baby, help me! He's stabbed me - Kevin Howard'".

He said members of the public rushed to help the teenager while others took Joseph away and looked after him.

He added: "Other witnesses saw a male run out of the area. A knife was later recovered from the scene."

World Museum Liverpool
Kevin Howard went to the museum armed with a knife

The court heard that, had he still been alive, Mr Howard would have been charged with murder.

A post mortem examination report said Ms Bailey had been attacked from behind, suffering injuries to her lower back.

Dr Richard Shephard, who carried out the examination, said one wound broke a rib and another punctured her skull at the temple.

He said she had died of multiple stab wounds, the force of which was described as "severe".

Mr Rebello said: "It is absolutely essential Laura's life is celebrated, not withstanding the tragic events of her death.

"Make her life her lasting memory and lasting memorial.

"Particularly bearing in mind her young son, who has to have stories of his young mother in the future."

The scene of the tragedy in Liverpool

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