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No apology for Hillsborough story
Kelvin McKenzie on Question Time
Kelvin McKenzie refused to apologise over the story
The former editor of The Sun, Kelvin McKenzie, has admitted he cannot stand by all aspects of the paper's story about the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

The tragedy, at Sheffield Wednesday's ground during an FA Cup semi-final, claimed the lives of 96 fans.

Speaking on the BBC's Question Time, Mr McKenzie stood by the allegation that many fans turned up without tickets.

But he said he did not know if the suggestion that some fans picked the victims' pockets was true.

He also said he was not sure if the claim that some fans urinated on rescue workers was true.

Hillsborough disaster
Ninety-six people died in the Hillsborough disaster
He once again refused to apologise for running the story headlined "Hillsborough: The Truth".

The statement came after Mr McKenzie's call for Tony Blair to apologise over the war in Iraq.

Presenter David Dimbleby said: "Do you stand by everything you said about Liverpool, when you said you were forced to apologise by Rupert Murdoch?"

Mr McKenzie replied: "They [the Liverpool fans] want to find somebody who actually caused the disaster. That's the issue.

"Funnily enough there is one issue that I do believe, I believe that there were fans who didn't have tickets."

I'm not saying I was wrong, I'm saying I don't have to say I'm sorry
Kelvin McKenzie
When questioned on the subheadings that fans "picked the pockets of victims", and "urinated on the brave cops," he said he was not sure if they were true.

"Those allegations came from a Liverpool news agency, and a senior police officer," he said.

"I would stand by the ticket aspect - I don't know whether they urinated on them. And I don't know whether they stole their wallets," he added.

When panellist Clare Short said to him that he should apologise, he said he would not.

"I'm not saying I was wrong, I'm saying I don't have to say I'm sorry, as one aspect of it I know is true," he said.

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