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Last Updated: Monday, 8 January 2007, 10:56 GMT
Decapitated swan found at reserve
Swan (generic)
Four swans have been found shot and decapitated at Spike Island
A swan has been found shot and decapitated in Cheshire - just weeks after three other birds were found in similar states.

The gruesome discovery was made on Saturday morning at Spike Island recreation ground and nature reserve, in Widnes, by a man walking his dog.

It is illegal to kill swans in Great Britain as they are owned by the Queen.

Riverside Ward Councillor Pamela Wallace is appealing for help in catching the person responsible.

She said: "Someone must know who is committing these unbelievably cruel acts.

"If anyone has sold, given, lent or sold a gun to anyone recently, if they know anyone who has a gun or has seen anybody walking with a gun or practising their shooting they should tell the police."

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